Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Gabriel got his first haircut yesterday.  We evened out his hair because it was very long on the top and he has a rubbed off bald spot on the back of his head and he was beginning to look like he had a comb over! haha  He looks so cute now : )  I'm so glad we cut it! The pictures above are his before shots and below are the ones I tried to take while holding him during his cut.  That was hard to do!!  

 Here he is after! So handsome!

Santiago also got his haircut yesterday and I must say that I think I have the two most handsome boys in the world and they love each other so much.  I love watching how Santiago can make Gabriel smile and laugh just by being close to him and talking to him.  It's an amazing thing to see their brotherly love developing. My heart is so full!

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