Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving in Midland

We have many things to be thankful for this Holiday season.  Hector was able to work in his company's Odessa branch for the beginning of Thanksgiving week so that allowed us to spend an entire week in Midland with my family.  We spent lots of time just hanging out at my parent's house.  They have tons of toys - big and little, inside and outside, and some even alive! Ha!  
Here's Gabriel and my mom - aka Grandma or "Dammah" in Santi talk.  He will correct you though if you pronounce it the way he does.  He can't produce the /gr/ sound yet but he hears it right when he says it!  My mom did a wonderful job of planning ahead for meals so we ate mostly at home and only had to do a little preparation for each meal.  I know she was still tired though when we left! It's exhausting being a momma and grandmomma! Thank you mom for everything : )  
 Blake, Santi and Poppa spent a lot of time on the living room floor wrestling, getting tickled, doing somersaults and flips! It was great fun to hear their laughter - my dad's included!
 Gabriel was able to snuggle up with many people who love him including his Daddy!
 Here they are watching football together.  Gabriel already has a love for the game and Hector is so pleased about that! It's amazing to watch a four month old baby's eyes glued to the television when football is on....who would've thought he could be so interested so young?!?
 I enjoyed receiving slobbery baby kisses from my littlest love.
 Blake just adores Gabriel and spent lots of time keeping him entertained.  She is such a sweet big sister and cousin! Love her to pieces!
My Grandma Hazel, who is 87 years old, got to hold and spend time with my kids.  It made my heart so happy to see her with them.  (Don't tell her I shared her age on the blog! haha)  I know it made her heart happy too to be able to see 4 of her great grandchildren at one time.
Blake and Santiago enjoyed watching Poppa rope and was able to ride his horse after he finished roping.  My little cowboy is beginning to love riding horses and looks particularly handsome in his new boots and hat!  Ever since my dad bought them for him he won't wear any other shoes! He asks to put his boots on first thing in the morning!

 Travis came to Midland Wednesday evening and was able to stay through the weekend in Midland.  It's always so nice to have my parents and siblings all together! He makes a pretty handsome cowboy too!

 Easton is quite the busy body crawling and cruising all around the house.  He loved being on the floor and Gabriel got to spend some time learning from him! It won't be long til my baby boy is moving as fast as Easton!  They are pretty close to the same size right now even though they are 5 months apart in age.  Easton still has three pounds and a couple inches on Gabriel though.  I wonder who will be taller?
 My uncle Scott and cousin Olivia also came to Midland for Thanksgiving and they were able to help Blake and Santiago make rice crispy treat snowmen.  It was a fun edible craft for them!

 They even got to paint the icing on top!

 Olivia made a Christmas tree treat!
Our close family friends also came by for a visit and I am so thankful that they made the effort to see us. Thanks Carla, Kelli and Brewer for stopping by!  Brewer and Easton are a few weeks apart and it was so nice to finally meet him! What a cutie pie!

Santiago thinks my parents' house is Midland.  He doesn't quite understand that Midland is a city yet.  It's cute to hear him talk about "Midland" and all the fun things we do there.  He loves going for "nule" rides (the mule is like a golf cart) to feed the chickens at our friend's place.  He says that's his favorite part of Midland.
He even drives the mule with help.  He's a pretty good driver too! 
 Here's Santiago holding a baby chick.
 and feeding the chickens....

 Here's one of the new pump jacks on my dad's property.  Santiago will tell you that pump jacks make money!
 Gabriel enjoyed mule rides too and usually fell asleep because he was bundled up nice and warm.
Wow that was a long one....Happy Thanksgiving! 
 I am very thankful for my family on both sides.  I love you and appreciate you! XOXO

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