Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santi's Silly Sayings

Santiago has become quite the little comedian. His vocabulary is amazing and I just love the conversations we have these days. I wanted to write some of them down so we can always remember his cute words, sentences and stories. I'm going to just make a list of the things he says and type the way he speaks. Here it goes...
• Let me tell you a funny doke! It's going to make you laugh and diddle! Lalaleeleela (while he does a funny wiggle dance)
• isn't this soooo boootiful!
• wow this is amazing momma! Isn't this so amazing?
• me wish it would no. (snow)
• I'm doe-ing! (growing) Look how big I'm getting (as he reaches up as high as he can)
•.Mommy me wish me could have one of those (he says this whenever he sees a toy commercial - every commercial!)
•I'm going to throw you in the tash can. (he says this when he is upset and we're working on getting him to stop saying this)
• me love to! (Santi says this whenever you ask him to help you with something)
• Mommy can me have someting brrrr that belongs in the fridgerade and has a blue lid? It's ice team!
• And he is constantly asking.....Why? What's this? What time is ______?
• if you answer any of those questions by saying you don't know, then Santi says "please tell me". So you have to make up an answer

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