Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 Months Old - Gabriel

My baby boy is 5 months old!! He is just the sweetest and happiest baby ever (most of the time).  He really only cries when he is fighting sleep or really hungry.  I just love how he is getting chunky.  He's my little chunky monkey.   He has rolls on his arms and legs - I particularly love the crease in his wrists.  AND he really has some thunder thighs!! Santi says he is getting "lots of lines" SO cute!  Here is what Gabriel is up to lately:

  • Wears 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers
  • Weighs about 18 pounds or so....
  • Has brown eyes but I think they are a little lighter than Santiago's eyes.  His hair is closer to my color - definitely lighter than Santiago's.  
  • Still has reflux and we have increased his Zantac to 1 ml twice a day,  but some days I think he getting better and then he has a day where he is projectile spitting every where! ha!

  •  Rolls over both ways but still gets stuck on his tummy sometimes.  He loves to be on his tummy now and can push his entire upper body off the floor.  
  • Rolls over and sleeps on his tummy sometimes after I lay him on his back.
  • Can put his paci in his mouth on his own but it takes a lot of effort.  
  • Can rotate his body when he is on his tummy to try to get a toy or see something on the playmat - I call it turning like a clock.
  • Loves to play in the exersaucer - Thanks Alli!
  • Nurses every 3.5-4 hours or about 5 times a day.  
  • Is extremely interested in our food.  We will probably start on some solids soon in hopes that it will help with his reflux.  He is getting plenty nutrients through the breastmilk - you can tell he eats well with all the rolls he is developing : )  

  •  Loves his big brother and will laugh hysterically at anything Santiago does.
  • Is starting to notice Roxie more and tries to grab her when she is nearby.  Gabriel also thinks its funny when she sneaks in a lick.
  • Grabs and plays with toys.  
  • Gives big slobbery kisses and will suck on your chin or cheek.  
  • Loves to hold on to my bottom teeth and lip while nursing or while I am holding him to go to sleep.  It feels a little strange but I kind of like it! 
  • Squeals and squeals very loud.
  • Can sit up on his own but not for long periods because he usually tries to grab something and falls over.
  • Tries to sit up when laying on his back.  It looks like he is trying to do a sit up.
  • Raises his eyebrows and smiles when you make eye contact.

  •  Has a little Elvis grin going on
  • Has found his feet recently and loves to suck on his toes when I'm changing his diaper.
  • Loves bath time especially because I just started putting him in the hammock thingy with Santiago in the bath at the same time.  Gabriel loves watching Santi bathe from my lap and loves being in the tub with him even more!  The sound of the water splashing makes him giggle every time!

Like I said before...Gabriel is just a happy happy baby.  He is such a joy to have around and its so fun to see him and Santiago interact.  They are great brothers and the future is going to be so fun with them!  I love my boys!!!

Here's a picture of Santiago at 5 months for comparison.  I don't think my boys look anything alike! They are both handsome boys with great personalities though : )

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