Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Santiago's 3rd Birthday - Pirate Party Part 1

Planning Santiago's birthday party this year was a ton of fun for me.  Santi has been loving to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney so when I gave him the choice of a Train Party (his other favorite) or Pirate Party and he soon started saying all his favorite pirate sayings ....  "Batten down the hatches! Ahoy Mateys! Shiver Me Timbers!"  So we decided a pirate party would be his theme this year! I found a lot of great ideas and printables online and great deals at the dollar store! I didn't end up spending tons of money since I made most of the decorations, the cake and cupcakes, and the party favors.  It took a lot of time and late nights but it was so fun and worth every minute of seeing how much fun the kids had at the party.  
I bought all these goodies at the dollar store to bury in the awesome sandbox Santiago received as a birthday gift from his Aunt Bianca and Uncle Matt.  The treasure dig was one of the activities I had planned for the party and the sandbox gift was perfect for it!

These are the party favors I made for the kids to leave the party with.  They are pirate loot cups  filled with homeade black playdoh with gold glitter.  Santi and I had fun making these : )

Each friend that came to the party got a hook, eye patch and bandana!

Here's everything all set up ready to be dispersed for the party.

Santiago got 2 pinatas!! Mr. Pirate was taller than him and he loved it!

I made the pirate ship cake and cupcakes.  My mom helped with the display : )

It has been very rainy the last few days so we had to set the moonwalk up in the driveway and the tables and games in the garage.  It worked out well!

Bianca, Nana and Dah. Hector, and my parents all helped with the set up and decorating!

Here's the awesome sandbox that the kids got to dig for treasure in!  I made the sign  to tell them what to dig for.  Each kid got a goody bag to keep their pirate loot in : )
The next post will be all about the actual party! We had a great time!

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