Friday, February 3, 2012

Travis, 32, Houston area

Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner for Show us your life - SHOW US YOUR SINGLES!!!!
This is my big brother Travis.

He has always been a great friend to me growing up and its wonderful that we are just as close now as adults.  I love having him live semi-close by since the rest of our family lives in Midland.  I say semi because even though we both live in the Houston area - its still about a 45 minute drive to each other's house!   We lived together for a few years in Austin while we were both in college and I couldn't have asked for a better house/roommate.  My sister and I would really love to see our brother find THE ONE because I can't think of anyone who deserves to be happy more than he does.  He's a great catch....why don't you let him be yours!!

Travis is 32 years old and would love to find the right person to settle down with. He's a hard worker and has a close relationship with our family.  Travis is an excellent uncle and I know he will make an amazing father and husband. My sister and I both have two children each and he is just amazing with them.   The kids love him because he gives his full attention to them when he is around and will play with them and keep them entertained and happy.  Santiago, my oldest son, thinks Travis is hysterical and never stops smiling when he comes to visit us.    Travis is Catholic, he loves dogs, is  fluent in Japanese (lived in Japan for 5 years after college) and works as a programmer and is the photographer in our family. He is a very hard worker and puts in a lot of hours with his company and I think that is an excellent attribute of his personality because he gives 110% to whatever he cares about.  I know that he would give even more to the right girl!!  If you would like to get to know him and our family more, please email me and I can forward you his information

My Dad. me holding my son Santiago, Travis, my uncle Scott, cousin Olivia and friend Talia (Summer 2010)

Lake Buchanan at our parent's lakehouse - My Dad and my son Santiago driving the boat.  My niece Blake, her mommy and my seester Allison holding baby Easton, Travis and my brother in law Tim. (April 2011)
Travis and his nephew Easton (September 2011)

Our cousin Erin, Travis and me
 Thanks for taking the time to read a little about my brother.  I hope you are willing to get to know him even more!  My sister and I think he is great and I know you will too!!  


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  5. Hey everyone! Thanks for reading about my brother Travis. I'm unable to access some of your pages/blogs so please email me if you are interested and I will pass it on to my brother. Thanks so much! Katie : )


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