Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sneaky Santi

This morning as I was talking to my lovely mother in law on the phone after changing a huge blowout diaper in Gabriel's room, I looked up to see this in the doorway!

Yesterday our refrigerator went out (so we thought) and everything started to melt, including this ice cream container! Santiago loves ice cream and he knows he can't have it before lunch but he snuck in the kitchen when he knew I was extra busy with a diaper change! It was too funny to be upset with him!

After the blowout an ice cream mishap both boys went in the tub!

Santiago surprised me while he was in the tub. He asked me out of the blue if bottom and Autumn were rhyming words! When I high fived him and said yes he told me he couldn't wait to tell our neighbor, Autumn that her name rhymes with bottom. I wanted to know if this was a coincidence or not so I asked him what rhymes with the following-
Dish - he said wish!
Fly - he said sky
Boat - he said soat

I am so happy that he is beginning to understand the concept of rhyming! Go Santi go!

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