Thursday, June 7, 2012

Santiago's Silly Sayings while Grandma is in Town

My mom, aka Damma (because Santi pronounces his /g/ sound as a /d/) has been here all week visiting. She came to town to go to the doctor with me for an EMG and to help with the boys and house chores. It's been SO nice to have her here :). Santiago has been saying some funny things while my mom has been here so I wanted to write them down.

Santi: In my world, they have polar bears.
Grandma: In your world, you have polar bears?
Santi: Oh...yes!
Grandma: (repeats it again to me in the kitchen and Santi overhears...)
Santi: You have polar bears in your world too?!? (asking Grandma from the playroom)
Hahaha! My mom and I just laughed and laughed!

And earlier this morning when Santi came to me to tell me he had to go poopoo I told him to go ahead and go and call me when he was finished. He said as he was running to the bathroom, "I might call Damma because she doesn't get to wipe me very much. It's gonna be her lucky day!"

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