Wednesday, September 19, 2012

14 Months - Gabriel

Gabriel turned fourteen months old yesterday! I missed 13 months...Whoops! My little man has changed so much the last couple months and boy does he have a personality! He quite the character! He makes us laugh all the time!
Here's what Gabriel is up to lately:

-weighs 29 pounds
-size 4 diaper, size 6.5 or 7 shoe and 24 months or 2T clothes
-says mama, dada, nana, Dah, ball, bird, and more that I can't think of right now
-makes a pouty face on demand
-is happy 99% of the time
-started MDO on Tuesday and Thursdays. He still cries a lot during the day there but he doesn't have to be pried off me anymore to go in. It's a small improvement but an improvement! Hopefully it continues to get easier. He's playing by himself when I pick him up and seems happy but cries the second he sees me
-can throw a ball really well and kick too
-loves to jump on his mini trampoline
-loves all things Santiago and wants to do whatever Santi is doing
-loves to be around other kids
-hides behind my legs or cuddles against me when he's feeling shy around new people
- blows kisses, plays peekaboo and gives high fives
-will plop in my lap when I tell him its time to put on his shoes
-will help clean up
-loves to put coins in our big piggy bank wine jar
-loves to sweep
-likes to push things around the house including his high chair, choo choo train, and stools
-loves to be outside
-grunts and points at things to get his message across and his face lights up in excitement when you figure out what he wants
-goes to the pantry or fridge and gets what he wants to eat or drink
-not so sure he likes cold things
-still a big meat and veggie eater
-goes down for naps, still 2 a day, and to bed for the night so easily. Just lay him down with his blue blankie and his paci and he's asleep!
-sleeps from 8:15 pm until 7:30-8 am
-gets into everything! Drawers, cabinets everything! He leaves a mess wherever he goes.
-loves to play hide and seek and will sit so quiet until Santi finds him.
- puts his finger to his lips and says shhh when Santiago is napping or we are trying to find him hiding.
Wherever we go, everyone always compliments his big smile and how happy Gabiel is. He's definitely a good baby!
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