Thursday, September 20, 2012

Silly Sayings by Santiago

- Mommy be-tuz you are a berry peshul child you get this for a prize! (as he gives me a football) Hooray!
-Y-E-S that says yes!!!!!! I can read!!! Wow!!!! (does this with "no" and "maybe" also thanks to a happy meal toy!)
-Did I earn ________ by being a dood boy?
- I love you to sprinkles and ice cream...not to the moon and back. Sprinkles and ice cream are better than the moon.

Me: Santi you are so handsome. You are going to have alot of girlfriends one day.
Santiago: I know Mommy.
Me: What are you going to say to them and where will you take them?
Santiago: Howdy Partner! And no where Mommy. That's weird!

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