Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Month of MDO

We just completed our first month of Mother's Day Out. Woohoo!
Santiago LOVES "tool" aka school with all his heart. He loves his teachers, he loves his friends, and he loves the activities, books, and songs. He's in love and there's no stopping him from talking your ear off when you pick him up. He wants to tell me everything he did! It makes my heart so happy to see him loving to learn!
This month they learned all about the color red, the number one and the letter .

Here's the picture that Santiago has to move from the Home board to the School board every morning when he arrives. I laugh every time I see it because he is mean muggin! They took everyone's picture 3 times the first day of school and Santi's were all like this. Haha! I hope he becomes more photogenic for school pictures in the future. ;)

Santi made this scratch and sniff strawberry and he was so proud of it.

We have a hard time leaving every day because Santiago always wants to tell his teachers one.more.thing! Above is Ms. Donna and below is Ms. Niki. I love that they listen so attentively to him. They say be has a huge vocabulary and loves to talk!

Here's Santiago with his "bee-noculars" for spying red things. They went on a nature walk outside to look for red birds. The teachers told me that Santi had to correct them and tell them that the red birds are called "tardinals.". Our little smarty pants :)

Gabriel on the other hand doesn't love school as much as Santiago does (yet.). I know he will one day.

Last Thursday was the first time I was able to drop him off without him crying as I walked away! He has been reaching out and going to his teachers while crying the last couple weeks. The teachers tell me he cries on and off all day but he does take many breaks and plays happily.

He eats well and takes a nap there and they say that he is like a different child after his nap. It's like he knows I will be coming soon so he plays, tries to talk, and has fun. When he sees me standing in the doorway, he immediately runs to me while crying. Thursday I was able to capture these pictures before he noticed me and it was nice to see him actually playing. He turned around and found me but didn't cry this time. I say that's improvement! Ms. Janet told me she thinks he is going to make it! Yay!

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