Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lunch Date with Santiago

Santiago and I had a very special lunch date on Friday before going to Kuehnle Elementary for a speech screening. He chose to go to Wendy's for a hamburger and we had alot of time being together just the two of us. Gabriel stayed with Nana at her house and i think it's great that we each had some one on one time with each sweet boy.
This lady below was the only other person eating in Wendy's while we were there. Santiago and I were having a conversation while looking through his Where's Waldo? Book that he got in his kids meal and all of the sudden he started whispering to me. I almost laughed out loud when I heard what he said. He very innocently looked an pointed in her direction and said, "Mommy is she a superhero?" Notice her cape.

According to Santiago, she has the power to help. She also has the power to read. I have a funny kid!
After lunch we had an appointment with the speech pathologist at our neighborhood school. I've been having a few concerns with articulation and fluency with Santiago and I just wanted to see what she thought. Santiago struggles to say the hard /c/ and /g/ sound in words and replaces them with the /t/ or /d/ sound. He also stutters just a little when he really gets excited about something or has a lot to say. I was hoping that all this was just me being an overly worried educator of a mom but the speech pathologist thinks we need to go ahead with formal testing. We are going to look into outside private testing instead of going through the school. Our pediatrician says that he sees more improvement at a faster pace through private therapy. We will see. More to come later....

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