Monday, October 29, 2012

Fifteen & Sixteen Months - Gabriel

Gabriel Michael turned 16 months today and man has he become a cool little guy!!! I started his 15 month post last month but never got around to finishing it. Oops! We've been busy and sick :(. Gabriel just got over a week long sinus infection with almost 104 degree fever for 4 days and now Santiago is sick too.

Here's what he is up to lately:
-weighs 30.6 lbs
-wears size 5 diapers, size 7 shoe, 2t clothes but 3T in pajamas
-says a lot of words - mama, dada, dog, ball, bird, bubbles, bubba, nana, Dah, Matt (maa), bad girl, good girl (both to Roxie), more (mah),
-attacks Santiago to wrestle

-climbs on the ottoman and jumps over the arm of the couch over and over again
-is ALL BOY - the way he plays, his toughness, the sound effects he makes...
-has alot of teeth. All he is missing is his incisors on the bottom
-likes to brush his teeth and suck on the toothpaste tube
-will grab you by the hand to take you somewhere especially to show you what he wants from the kitchen
-runs back and forth in the house for fun
- rides the train cars in the house alone
-awesome ball thrower
-loves to play outside and has no fear on playgrounds and slides
-usually a great sleeper but since he has been sick he won't go to sleep at night but will fall asleep watching tv on the couch with us by 10

-getting really good on the iPad. Loves to play SoundTouch and flashcard games

-gives big hugs or squeezes when I ask for one.
-lays his head on my shoulder and jut snuggles with me
-smacks his lips when he wants a kiss
-at bedtime he gives everyone a kiss goodnight and then waves goodbye as I carry him to his bed.

All the time Hector and I look at each other in awe of this little man and say how cool he is! He just really is tons of fun and we love him so much! Boy are we blessed with our boys!

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