Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat Boo-B-Q

Hector and I hosted our first annual Trick or Treat Boo-B-Q for Halloween last night.  We had a blast with our family and friends and I hope to do it again for years to come.  Hence "first annual" ha! We had a great turn out for burger and hotdogs.  We made too much food but it's always better to have too much than not enough! We invited some of my friends from my Mom's of Tots group and also some of our other friends and family too.  We also invited any grandparents for the families because we know how much my grandparents want to be included also. We had a blast!! Here's some pictures my sweet friend Kari took of us trick or treating.  

Astronaut Santiago!

I'm pulling the Spaceship Hector and Santiago constructed for our little astronaut.  That's Gabriel the Spider riding and eating candy and Izzy walking behind.
My two Halloweeners in the spaceship! 

This is Emmy - Gabriel's girlfriend! We waited to dress G in his costume after he ate his dinner!

Cutie Gabriel after he finished eating...almost Spider time!

Madelyn, me and Santiago

My happy little astronaut posing with me!

Gabriel and me!

Gabriel ate SO much candy as we went from house to house.  He sucked the chocolate straight from the wrappers! I have no idea how much he actually ate as we trick or treated! haha
Somehow we missed taking pictures of Hector, Nana and Dah but they were there! Couldn't have done it without them! Happy Halloween!

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  1. Looks like fun and a great tradition to start!