Friday, December 28, 2012

Blood Work and Lunch Date

Today I took Santiago to have blood work done for his final stage of testing for peanut allergy. He was scared of the needles and started to cry before it even started but he did great once the needle was in his arm. Luckily we had no wait at the lab and were in and out in about 10 minutes!

After Santiago chose to go to Chili's for a lunch with only mommy! Boy was it a nice treat! We got to talk to each other, play every game in the kids menu and eat a yummy meal together. This kind of time spent together is definitely a treat for both of us and even Santi asked if we could do it more often.

Here he is copying my pose after finishing our lunch and feeling very full!

Notice his hands resting on his belly! That's exactly how I was sitting with my hands on my 19 week baby bump! Ha!

Love him!! Can't believe he is almost 4!

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