Sunday, December 23, 2012


Poppa took Santiago to Woods Boots and bought him brand new Ariat boots and a Cartwright jacket. It is awesome to see Santiago and my dad dressed as twins.

I lost Gabriel in the boot store. Yes bad mom of the year here. I didn't get too scared, although I was a little nervous when he wasn't answering me. He was only missing for a few minutes and he said "bye" as he waved and ran away from me! There were so many rows and rows of boot boxes stacked up...I knew he was hiding because we all know he loves to be sneaky and hide! This time I just wish he wouldn't have been so quiet as he hid. I had two workers helping me look for him and I had walked by him 3 times before finding him like this:

Little stinker!!! He thought it was hilarious when we found him! Look how he squeezed in between the boot boxes!

Here's some more cowboy pics:

Yes they are doing real cowboy work - scooping poop!! Haha Santi has fun doing EVERYTHING with his Poppa!

Santi wanted to know what a tumbleweed looked like - he found one!

Gabriel and Santiago loved riding horses.

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