Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gabriel says... (19 months old)

Gabriel is starting to have full conversations with me. Santiago spent the night with his Nana and Dah last night so Gabriel woke up and demanded that I take him to the "douch" (couch). When I didn't get up right away he pushes on me and says "go! Mama go!" so we came to the living room and he sees the remote control and says "mote" as he hands it to me. This means he wants me to turn on the tv so I do and turn on Disney Jr where Charlie and Lola is playing. He says "no lola" and then "momo!" (Elmo) He loves to watch sesame street! Sesame doesn't come on until 9 am so I try to do On Demand to play one for him and it isn't working so he gives me a very sad face and says, "Mama boke! Oh no!". I respond and tell him yes it's not working. It's broken right now and ask him if he wants me to put in an Elmo movie. He climbs off the couch, jumps up and down while clapping his hands and says, " yay! Mama! Momo!"
I LOVE that he is beginning to be able to tell me what he wants and needs. He's great at asking for a "nack" (snack) which is usually a "nana" (banana) and milk. He asks for "more" and can sometimes tell me when his diaper is dirty or he's about to go to the restroom. He will say "poopoo" and then when I'm changing him he wants "more pow-ER" (powder).

He also replies "anks" (thanks) after giving him what he is asking for!

He tells us he is "guck" (stuck) when he can't get out if a certain position.

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