Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Gabriel

Gabriel Michael is 2!!! This little guy is full of energy and has the cutest personality. He is quite the character.

He loves to play with his brother and also by himself. Sometimes he just disappears and I have to go look for him. Ill often find him in the playroom playing with blocks, his talking dog, or hiding under his Daddy's desk playing with something under there.

My mom aka Mammaw in Gabriel's words made this adorable Elmo shirt for him. It says "Look who's 2!" He loves it. He will say "me two mommy!"

Here's his doggy that he loves right now. He takes him all over the house and sings the songs right along with the doggy.

On his birthday, we went to Bianca's house for dinner and swimming. Gabriel was very excited about his cake an blowing out his candles.

He took a big bite out of the cake when we finished singing to him. He loved the icing more than the cake.

Anytime someone sang happy birthday to Gabriel on his birthday he would do what we called the birthday dance. He would wiggle and spin in a circle. It was so cute! He had a wonderful day and its so fun to see his little personality blossom.
Here's some things he does at 24 months:
-wears size 5 diaper, size 3t clothes and size 9 shoe
-beginning to potty train and doing great!
-learning to follow directions better
-still has his moments where he gets upset if something doesn't go his way (temper tantrum)
-plays/wrestles with his brother
-sings ABCs and counts to 10 and sometimes higher
-runs everywhere and pumps his arm as he runs
-fearless on playgrounds and jump houses
-love able and likes to cuddle on his terms
-goes to bed easily but still uses his paci only in his crib. He knows when he wakes up he has to throw it in his bed
-loves to play super hero with Santiago
-doesn't like people to leave. Always wants to go with them
-asks for snacks all the time
-picky eater
-good helper cleaning up
-super sweet with Sophia
We love you Gabriel Michael!
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