Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sophia Elizabeth - 4 Months

Wow four months has flown by! Sophia is such an easy, go with the flow, baby and we couldn't be more blessed! We just went on vacation to Destin, Fl but we had her four month check up before we left. She did a significant jump on her growth chart and you can definitely tell by looking at her. What can I say - she likes to eat!

-weighs 15 lbs 10 oz (95%), 25 3/4 in (95%)
- Nurses every 3.5 - 4 hours and 4-5 times a day.
-Only really cries when she is hungry or real tired

- Loves to snuggle with you. She wrap her arms around your neck like she is hugging you and sometimes plays with my hair.
-Gives big slobbery kisses!
-It melts my heart when we make eye contact and she just grins so big!
-Loves attention from people
-watches when I leave the room
-coos and makes gurgling noises when you talk to her
-blows bubbles and sticks out her tongue constantly
- loves the swing although she is getting pretty big for it

-loves to be on her tummy and can pivot around to look at things while on tummy
-sleeps in the pack n play at night
-has a crooked Elvis-like smile sometimes
-sucks on everything - my shoulder, hands, her seatbelt straps, blankets, etc

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  1. She is so cute! And Lily needs that chevron onesie. Where did you get it???