Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sophia Elizabeth - 5 Months Old

On October 4th, Sophia turned five months old. It's amazing how fast time goes with baby number 3. We are so busy lately and always seem to be on the run and she is just a blessing to have around. She goes with the flow and stays happy most of the time. She only really cries if she is extremely tired or hungry. Everyone she meets say how smiley and happy she is!

Here's what she has learned this last month:
- wears size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes. She can fit in some 12 months as well
-flips from back to tummy and loves tummy time.
- can pivot around to look at toys while in tummy
-tries to pull her self up sit up style when lying on her back
-getting close to being able to sit up unsupported.
-laughs and smiles a lot - especially when her brothers are interacting with her
-reaches and grabs toys
-puts everything in her mouth
-sucks and gnaws on fingers, blankets, toys, etc

-has curly hair when wet or humid outside
-her hair gets in tiny knots on the back of her head and is rubbing off
-her eyes look like they may be turning hazel like mine but it's still hard to tell. They are definitely lighter than the boys' eyes
-loves to play in the exersaucer and can turn her self completely around in it.
-loves to jump in the doorway bouncer

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