Sunday, November 17, 2013

Santiago's Lost Teeth

Santiago has lost two teeth in the last week! The first one we think he swallowed because we couldn't find it after breakfast the other day but the second we had the pleasure of getting to see come out. Boy did this make Santiago happy! He has been wiggling it for three days and as we were driving from the pediatrician's office he yelled to me that his tooth just fell out in his mouth.

"I was pushing it back and forth, back and forth and then - BaM! Out came my tooth and it fell right between my lip and my huge hole in my mouth. Can you believe it mommy?!?"

"Look!" I'm so excited Mommy!"

"I am so happy I get to see what a real live tooth looks like and this time the tooth fairy will be so happy too! Daddy too. Can I save my tooth until Daddy comes home from work so Daddy can see my tooth?!!"

It was 10:30 am when his tooth fell out. All day long I heard stories about his tooth and questions and more questions! Oh how I wish I could bottle up his little voice and his energy and his stories. Such an exciting time....

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