Thursday, November 7, 2013

All About Santiago

Santiago has been learning some really neat things lately and saying some funny stuff. He loves school and often tells me that he already knows that or I'm teaching him the wrong way. I'm thankful he is learning and growing :).

-He learned how to ride his bike without training wheels about two months ago and lost his first tooth today!! He won't be 5 until February but he seems to be growing up fast. Too fast. I cried when I saw this face.

He noticed his bottom tooth was loose two days ago when eating some cantaloupe. I had no idea kids would lose their teeth this young but when he went to school the next day everyone was excited for him and not as surprised at the news as hec and I were. We noticed the tooth was gone after eating breakfast this morning. We think he swallowed it. Oops!

-When you ask Santiago how long something is going to take lately the answer is always "probably a hundred years". He also will tell a story and ask if we remember something about when he was little and say it was probably ten years ago. Or eight or a lot.

-He loves to read books and has a great memory. His comprehension of stories is outstanding and he can retell a story perfectly after hearing it only once.

-He has mastered the order of all 8 letters in his name and loves to ask you if you know what S-A-N-T-I-A-G-O spells.

-He has a heart of gold and is my slightly sensitive boy with a rough and tough loud personality.

-He also is playing his first season of soccer and has scored three goals so far. He runs his little heart out on that field but is a little timid when it comes to the bumble bee huddle of kids with the ball in the middle.


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