Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trick or Treat BooBQ

Santiago made this cute spider at school the day before Halloween when they read spider stories at Adventures in Literature. He was very proud of it and couldn't wait to hang it up as decoration for our Halloween party.

We hosted our second annual Trick or Treat BooBQ and had friends and kids over to eat hamburgers, hotdogs, and sausage made by Hector. It was busy but tons of fun. I always feel like I don't get to visit much with anyone but we all had a great time. Thanks for coming and I'm sorry I didn't get to talk with you as much as I would have liked if you came :)

The boys wanted to be Super heroes this year which is very fitting because they pretend to have super powers all the time. Tons of fun in our house :). Here's Sophia's Super Baby costume that I made/put together.

She was pretty adorable if I say so myself!

Spider-Man and Batman in the house!

Super Sophia had enough of her loud brothers in this one. Haha

Gabriel shed his costume and tried on nana's here...

And here's another silly...

Santiago led the way for trick or treating and he was hard to keep up with since he was so excited to go door to door.

Gabriel wasn't as excited but he still had a good time. He was more interested in eating te candy he already had than getting more.

We had a blast :)

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