Wednesday, December 4, 2013


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in midland. I am very thankful for the Lakehouse so that we don't have to make the long trip in one day. With three kids, it was long enough to go half way and spend the night and drive the other half the next day. The whole family had stuffing noses and congestion while we were there. Sophia was diagnosed with an ear infection the day before we left and Santiago with a bad cough. Luckily we did pretty well driving considering.

It was Sophia's first time to midland. She got to see Grandma "GG" Pebble again and grandma hazel for the first time. She also met Aunt Pat and uncle Scott but I didn't get a picture with them. Sorry.

We celebrated my moms birthday Wednesday! Xoxo

Hector and the boys rode the 4wheeler, mule and horses.

Cousin Olivia from some snuggles from Sophia.

And we took the kids down the street to jump on a trampoline.

Sophia even had her first horse ride with her poppa!

I must have taken the other pictures on someone else's phone so send them to me please so I can add them in...
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