Monday, June 8, 2009

Jager and Santiago

We have taken Santiago outside in the backyard a few times but we are usually holding him. This past weekend I decided it was time to let Santiago get to know our big dog a little better. Really Jager needs to get to know Santi more than anything. I know it won't be long until little Santi is running around in the backyard playing with Jager and loving it. Well when I took Santiago out back one night, I laid a blanket on the grass and sat next to Santiago laying on the blanket. Jager was so excited that we were outside that he ran to get his ball but if you know our Jager - he doesn't play fetch very well. He will let you throw the ball once, maybe twice, but won't bring the ball back to you. He would rather run around with the ball in his mouth and then drop it to roll on top of it. He is 7 years old and still acts like a puppy sometimes. We didn't do a very good job teaching him how to fetch right. Anyways he was very excited to have Santi on the ground and he scared me a little bit coming close to Santiago. I had to push him away several times so we didn't stay out there long. He was just getting a little too close for comfort. The next evening Hector came out with us and this time he had Jager on a leash so he could teach him how to be calm around a baby on a blanket. Santiago was able to lay and admire the trees blowing overhead without his momma constantly shielding him because Jager listens to his daddy much better than me and he wasn't able to run around since he was on a leash. We will have to continue to do this so Jager learns to calm down around Santiago and other children.

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