Saturday, April 3, 2010


Today we attended an Easter event at Rhode's Landing park that was put together by a church. We tried to get Santiago's face painted like a bunny but when the lady began painting his nose pink he pushed her away and cried. So we didn't force the issue and wiped off the pink and went to enjoy the rest of the festival. We took a little train ride...
We walked around and watched some of the older kids jump in moonwalks and climb the rock wall but there wasn't a lot for little kids to do. The main reason wanted to go to the Eggstravaganza was for the Easter Egg Hunt. This was Santiago's first hunt (not counting his practice hunt at his grandparents house). I had to hold him while they were waiting to begin because he was getting very impatient. He knew what he was supposed to do and didn't understand why he had to wait!

Look at all the eggs...
Ready, set, go....
The eggs were all full of candy so we emptied a few of them out and put goldfish inside instead. Santiago loved eating those eggs!
Happy Easter everyone!

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