Friday, April 2, 2010


I feel that life has been extra busy lately and I don't get around to the computer like I used to. That's not always a bad thing but I like to post on here so we can look back on our memories. My new job keeps me on my toes and makes me stay at work later than I used to. I used to stay and work late my first couple years teaching but the last 3 years or so while I was in grad school, was pregnant and then had a baby I had learned how to leave work early and not take a lot home with me. Now I am, in a sense, back to my first year teaching being a reading specialist. It's very different. I love it but it has its challenges. My challenges in the classroom used to be a dealing with a behavior problem or finding new ways to challenge my students - now I am dealing with teachers who are finding ways to challenge me and the management of reading interventions for an entire school. So I apologize that I am not able to post as often as I used to. Summer is coming and I can't wait for it! Here are a few pictures of what has been going on lately in our lives...We had a garage sale at Hector's parents last weekend and they have this four wheeler on a trailer. One day they will take Santiago on a real ride but for now he enjoyed just sitting on the four wheeler. Santiago also loves to "drive" the car in the driveway. Here he is in his daddy's car.My Uncle Scott and his girlfriend Kimmy gave Santiago this Cheerio book before he was even born and lately you can see who likes "reading" the book together. Santiago and Roxie both get snacks whenever we pull this book out to read!And here's Mommy's Super Hero - that's what his jammie shirt says. You can see that Santiago has super powers when he sleeps at night. He is a real mover and he always finds interesting ways to sleep.
So yes our life is busy lately. It's busy with joy and love though :)

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