Friday, May 25, 2012

Santiago's Last Day of MDO

Today is Santi's last day of MDO and it's a Fun in the Sun Water Day! He was very excited to wear his swimsuit and sun shirt to school.

Ms. Mary Jo and Ms. Yolanda have been the very best of teachers this year and he (we) will miss them very much! They have taught him so much and loved him throughout the year. They were (are) absolutely wonderful!

Here's most of their class. One little girl named Mae didn't want to join in the picture because she was busy cutting at the table and one little boy named Carlos hadn't arrived yet. In the picture is Vivienne, Kim, Gisselle, Ms. Mary Jo, Ms. Yolanda, Nicolas, Ruby, Santiago and Kaetan.

The following pictures are from Wednesday. Look how ready Gabriel is to stay and play with the big kids.

My super boys!

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