Saturday, December 15, 2012

ENT and Speech

We recently took Santiago to a pediatric ear nose and throat doctor after having him tested for speech. They recommended us seeing one to rule out any structural issues that could be causing his articulation and dysfluency. It's amazing how much his speech has changed since testing but I know beginning therapy is going to help him excel and begin speaking alot clearer!

Here is Mr.. Handsome as we wait for the doc to come in. Gabriel stayed behind with Nana so I didn't have to juggle him during the dr visit. I'm so thankful for her!

After the doctor examined Santiago and found nothing wrong with his palate, tongue movement, etc. he sent us to have his hearing tested just in case. Santiago did great and had alot of fun with the testing.

He passed his hearing test! Yay! Everything went great!

On Monday, December 10th, Hector and I went to our neighborhood elementary school for Santiago's initial ARD meeting to agree to speech therapy. I know Santiago is going to excel in his therapy lessons and learn how to say all his sounds more clearer in no time! Santiago had his first lesson yesterday and felt like such a big boy going into a real school. He was a little nervous to go in alone to the classroom/office but when he came out thirty minutes later he said, "Mommy I don't need you to come in with me. I can do it all by myself! I had fun with Ms. K!". I think this is going to make the transition to kinder one day very easy....well for him!

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